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Who are we?

Maybe you have never imagined that you would be in Bulgaria for a shorter or longer time. Maybe you are here for work, for a visit, out of curiosity, to look for something different from your current life or... you have found the meaning of life or love that speaks Bulgarian. In Bulgaria most people speak English as well as other European languages and you will have no difficulty communicating. However, if you want to experience the nuances of life here, to show respect for the country and its people, it is always preferable to say "Good morning" or "Hello", for example, in Bulgarian.

The best way to learn a language is by speaking it - that's why at Speak Easy the emphasis is on communicative training. We use conversational situations from everyday life and the exercises in the classes are in the form of dialogue, questions and answers. So you can speak Bulgarian easily and enjoy it!

We work with teaching materials and teaching methodology that will enable you to start speaking Bulgarian easily, quickly and freely. Our teachers are highly experienced and you can always speak to them in English and also why not in your own language! Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of proficiency according to the European Language Framework. 


Well... we are looking forward to hearing from you and arranging your first Bulgarian language lesson!

Image by Nick Morrison
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